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(Bear in mind that these links may lead to Bible verses which were not meant to stand alone. I have referenced them so that you will have a quick guide as to where the information might be found in the KJV. Please feel free to look them up for yourself, read and understand the context of the verse within it's surrounding scriptures. In our articles, any comments I have made should be in brackets. Articles written by others should give credits to the author or source, and should be unaltered in content, and may or may not refer to the KJV.  PJR)

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Prayer for Unity in Jesus:

(About the Christian Unity Prayer Project)

Christian Unity Prophecy

Christian Unity: a Quiet Action Call to all Christians:

Upon this Rock

The Apostles' Doctrine

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary

UCMI Faith Messenger:


Filled With The Holy Ghost:


Dealing With And Praying About Generational Curses:

King James Version-only controversy:


Marriage and Divorce:


To Rightly Divide the Word of Truth:


The Sabbath:




Unity in the Body:

Who Created God?

The Greatest Christmas Gift

The Tree of Life

Who is this man Called Jesus?

Who is the leader of your Church?

Trinity orGod?

No Matter Where I go!


Is Baptism Required?

"The Pure In Heart"

"He Loved Me"

Depression - The Other Side of the Window

Nineveh, where is your Jonah?

Sleep or Death?

What is the Difference Between the Soul & Spirit

I Will Never Forget That Easter!

The Last Passover

Death, He Is Waiting

Change the time

His Tears

Is My Autistic Child Saved A Letter to Terry

Do You Hear Him Calling?

Here is a Mystery, the Mark of the Beast - 666

Antichrist or Abomination A letter to Terry

The Coming!

Oh To Be A Tiny Tree

Do you feel the Uneasiness in the Air?

When I First Saw You


The Last Room

Wake Up Christian


Are you ready for the surprise?

A Strange Dream

Is Hell Real, and Is Jesus The Only Way?

Faith That Can Move Mountains

Stained Glass Christian

Face to Face

Lord, Help Me To Understand!

Without You Father

What is Goodness?

Why Was Jesus a Jew?

My Search

The End of Time

Father, Im listening!

If I took the Bible away

Signs of the times

Filthy Rag




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