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(Mal 3:16 KJV)  Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name.


Is My Autistic Child Saved – A Letter to Terry

Do You Hear Him Calling?

Here is a Mystery, the Mark of the Beast - 666

Antichrist or Abomination – A letter to Terry

The Coming!

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            Is My Autistic Child Saved – A Letter to Terry

A wonderful Christian friend, who I will call Terry, asked me the
following question, how would you answer it?

“My son, 8 years old, is severely autistic.  He can not speak and we are
not sure exactly how much he understands.  Because of his disability it
makes it impossible for him to kneel down and pray or do the other
"normal" things that we are told we must do to become saved (such as
asking God to save us).  He doesn't even understand the concept of God.
What will his fate be?  He was born with this disability and I pray that
he will go to heaven.”

Here are my thoughts.

Dear Terry,
We humans in all of our wisdom can’t begin to scratch the surface of the
Father’s wisdom, and what seems so hard for us to understand, I’m sure
is very simple to Him.  I have no great wisdom that the world would
embrace, but I can share with you what my own heart tells me.  We humans
have a definition of what is normal, and what is not, but we may have it
all backwards as far as the Father is concerned.  When I think about
your wonderful 8 year old son, I say to myself, son, what are you
thinking, what is life like within your soul, is there happiness there,
or is there only sadness, how can I come into your world to share the
life you see and feel?  Only the love of God will give us the answers to
these questions.  If we see the world through the loving eyes of the
Father, then perhaps things will begin to become a little clearer.

As I see it Terry, the soul is made up of both flesh and blood until the
Lord separates it with His mighty sword when we leave this earthly
land.  I believe the soul comes into this world as a pure and loving
being, and its first job is to learn how to manipulate the human body.
As we see a new born baby come into the world it seem to just twist back
and forth uncontrollably, as though it is searching for a way out.  The
animal world in which the spirit suddenly finds itself in is as strange
as we will find heaven when we get our first glimpse into the glory of
the Father.  In learning to manipulate the human body, the spirit begins
to learn what works and what doesn’t work, it begin to learn what is
good, and what is bad for the comfort of its human shells.  As the
spirit learns more and more about how to operate the human machine, it
begin to look more and more inwards to those things which please it,
those things that make life easier for it, as it slowly begin to forget
where it came from in the first place.  The body becomes all-important,
as the spirit seems to fade away within the flesh.  But it will not
always be this way, the spirit will again stand tall on its own one day,
without the temporary flesh to bound it.

I don’t know why the Father allows souls to come into the world like
your loving son, but I do know that it is for a good reason which we
cannot yet fully understand.  We must try to look at your son as the
Father might see him.  Your son never learned to look inward like the
rest of us, he looks only outward.  He never let his human desires rule
his soul, perhaps because his spirit is so strong that he just refuses
to take part in a world that is not ruled by his Father.  Perhaps it is
a physical defect the Father has allowed to fulfill His purpose, and we
will just have to wait until the Father tells us all about it.  However
I also believe such souls wear the mark of Christ upon their foreheads
because they belong to Him, and we humans have just not yet learned how
to see it?  They come to suffer for our well being.

The few glimpses that we have gotten into the lives of an autistic child
tell us that they usually feel, and see far deeper than we so called
normal humans can even begin to grasp.  They seem to be on a completely
different plane than we are, and perhaps it is just too difficult for
them to come down to our level.  They also teach the rest of us what
love is really all about.  Love is in giving of ourselves totally, and
without regard to our on desires, which is the kind of love that is
required to care for such a child.  It is the same kind of love that is
required to open the door to the Father’s kingdom. The lust of mankind
is often confused with love, as lust seeks only self-satisfaction, while
love seeks to give all it has.  Perhaps the Father sends these children
to us, as an angel in our mist, to help mold and make us into the loving
spirit He had planned for us from the very beginning.  What a wonderful
day it will be when such special children will be able to tell us how
much they appreciate our love for them, and how much they love us in
return.  That day will surely come, and then the entire world will

Terry, as for your son not being able to do “the other "normal" things
that we are told we must do to become saved”, I would suggest that you
might want to look again at your loving son through the eyes of the
Father.  You see, the church of the Father is not found in buildings
made of stone, it is not found in wonderful rituals, it is not found in
great organizations, or in any certain groups of people, the church of
the Father is only found in the hearts of His children.  The Father
created His children, He knows them well, and He is the Lord of their
heart’s church.  It is the heart alone that must kneel before the Master
of the Church, it is the heart that must ask for salvation, and it is in
the heart’s church alone that we must praise the Father with all our
being.  You see, it is a simple matter of who do we love, not what we
may do.  We may think that children like your son are not perfect, but
if we could see them through the eyes of the Father who created them,
I’m sure they would look much differently to us.

As far as the rest of us being normal in the eyes of the Father, I think
we are all abnormal because of our sins.  Those who have not sinned in
the eyes of the Father, face no tribulation.  Your child is sinless in
the eyes of Christ, because he has never been out of the loving arms of
his Creator, and therefore there is nothing to be saved from.  Only when
one is cast out on his own does he need to be saved from himself. Christ
paid it all and we lay the wonderful gift of your son at His feet.  What
belongs to the Father, no one can take away.  Jesus told us, “suffer not
the little children to come unto me”.

I don’t know if I have answered your question or helped any, but if not,
please let me know and we will try again.  My pray is with you and your
family that the will of the Father be done in all things, and we thank
Him for the wonderful gift of your loving son who the Father has now
shared with us all.

God bless you and keep you, and may His loving Spirit overflow your

Your brother in Jesus, the ONLY Christ.
joe sizemore

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Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.

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Do You Hear Him Calling?

Do you hear Him calling up yonder, 
do you hear Him calling my name, 
it is the Son of the Father, 
who is calling out my name. 

Such love the earth cannot conquer, 
such love the earth cannot behold, 
it is beyond our understanding, 
more precious than the purest gold. 

He loved me as He found me, 
He loves me anyway, 
He gave up His life in heaven, 
to save me by His grace. 

Oh what love I now feel for Him, 
it fills the depths of my soul, 
now I can finally give back to the Father, 
Christ's love of purest gold. 

What more could a poor soul ask for, 
what more can anyone give, 
than to leave their home in glory, 
to come searching so we might live. 

He is coming for the lost ones, 
He is coming for you and me, 
He will take us up to heaven, 
to see the crystal sea. 

So my heart leaps out with joy, 
I have won the victory, 
not because of my goodness, 
but because Christ loves me. 

Can't you hear Him calling up yonder, 
can't you hear Him calling your name, 
it is the Son of the Father, 
who is calling out your name. 

joe sizemore 

****** End of Message ****** 
Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our most important purpose. 

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Here is a mystery!

The mark of the beast (666) has evaded men’s understanding for
centuries, as many look for a visible mark to be stamped upon our
forehead, or hand, similar to a brand one might find on cattle.
However, in our modern world of computers many now believe it will be
some kind of computer bar code, like we find on the products we purchase
in the stores.  Such a control code would surely require a visible mark
as many believe the Bible indicates.

However, these techniques have already becoming obsolete in our modern
world of technology because we now have scanners that can instantly read
the pupils in our eyes, or the actual composition of our skin.  Bar
codes can be easily changed or duplicated, but it is not so easy to
change the eyes, fingerprints, or texture of our skin.  There are also
small transponders that can be placed underneath our skin at birth,
which could be read from a distance as we pass by.  Such transponders
are already being used to identify dogs and other pedigree animals, but
they too can be easily switched, modified, or destroyed.  If such a mark
is to be used, I think it will have to be something more durable, but
the biggest question to me is why would the Father be so against us
having such an identification mark, what is the difference between a
tiny mark, and our written names?  Both can identify us to the world
around us.

I personally believe the answer is found in the fact that the scriptures
are not referring to a visible identification mark at all.  I believe
the mark is already in place, and we cannot see it because we have been
blinded by Satan’s evil deception.  If we could see the true mark,
perhaps we would repent and Satan would lose the battle.  Satan is using
all of our modern computer technology to mislead us and to prevent us
from seeing the real mark of the evil beast, which was foretold in
Revelation 13.  The mark of the beast (666), now stand strong and clear
for all to see, but why can’t we see or understand the mark which
identifies our soul?  Satan has slowly hid it from our view so we would
not see the evil that has ruled the lives of mankind for centuries?
Look into your mirrors closely and ask yourself, who is this reflection
we see looking back at us so innocently in our mirror, could that image
already have the mark of the beast?  Perhaps we need some help to see if
the mark already rules our lives, so let us look again at the
scripture’s warning.  Here is the mystery, let them that have ears hear
and understand.  Remember that the “he” in verse 16 is Satan himself,
the great deceiver.  The key word is “deceiver”.

Revelation 13:16-17;
(16) And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and
bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (17)
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the
name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Also note the use of the word “or” which tells us there are three
difference possibilities, the mark, or the number, or the name.   These
words requires us to look within ourselves to find the meaning, because
it is not an external, or physical marking as many have believed.  It is
also not some kind of computer bar code that can be seen with the human
eye, or with some kind of computer scanner.  The mark is to be found
upon our hearts telling us exactly who we are in the sight of the
Father.  It is an inner marking just like the one described more clearly
in the first verse of the following chapter of the Revelation.

Revelation 14:1;
And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an
hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in
their foreheads.

Again the scriptures speak about a marking of the forehead, but I think
it is plain in Revelation 14:1, that the Father’s name will not be
written in some kind of human language externally across the heard of
those described above.  I believe the verse is saying the name will be
carved into their soul where God sees and knows their every thought. The
one hundred and forty four thousand will be totally committed to the
Father, willing to stand humbly before their Lord and King, but they
will not bow to earthly idols, or evil, and Christ will be the only Lord
in their hearts.  It is the love of Christ, which rules their every
thought (forehead).  Their entire lives are bound around their love for
the Father, and His only begotten Son.

It is also an inner marking of the beast which will identify those
referred to in Revelation 13:16, and each of us must look into our own
hearts to see the mark which God sees.  If we are to understand
Revelation, Chapter 13, we must understand exactly what the mark is
referring to, because it identifies the characteristic of the worldly
man, not the child of God.  It describes those who are the opposite of
the 144,000 spoken of in Revelation 14:1.  Their thoughts will not be of
the kingdom of heaven (forehead), and the deeds of their “hands” will
not glorify the Father.  The mark of the worldly man is best seen in
what the scriptures tell us is the root of all evil, as described for us
in 1st Timothy;

1 Timothy 6:10-11;
(10) For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some
coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves
through with many sorrows. (11) But thou, O man of God, flee these
things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love,
patience, meekness.

In Revelation 13:16-17, it is easy to understand that we cannot buy or
sell without currency, or money, in today’s capitalistic world. Even the
word “capitalistic” is an abomination in the sight of the Father, it is
the opposite of all that the Father stands for, just as the 144,000 will
have the love for others ruling their hearts, not the greed of a self
centered person.  Today we buy things with cash money in our hand, or on
credit, which is to placed the debt upon our head for later payment,
just as the words in Revelation 13:16-17 foretold. . The poor and the
rich are the same, in how money rules their lives.  Many pastors today
are quick to point out that it is the “love of money”, which is the root
of all evil, and not money itself.  I think many such are misguided and
hide their own failures behind such legalisms to justify their own
position and desires.  It is the love of money that gives money its
value and power, without which it is useless paper.

I can’t begin to count the many times I have seen and heard of people
rejecting the family of Christ because all they see and hear in our
Christian services is the endless request for more money.  It seems we
think we can pay someone else to go and do our work, we can pay someone
else to tell others about Jesus for us, we can pay someone else to sing
for us, we can pay someone else to preach for us, and we can pay someone
else to die for us.  Even Christ had to do these things Himself, but His
only currency was love.  We find solos in paying someone else to pray
our prayers, and to lay down their lives in our place.  Yet we forget it
was just such a situation that brought anger to our Lord Jesus when he
saw the moneychangers within the temple who were selling sacrificial
offerings to those who thought they could buy their way into heaven.
How can one purchase a sacrifice with paper, unless money is the only
value which rules our souls.  Our great sacrifice is to give up some of
our useless paper money.   The truth is there within our hearts, but
will we accept it?  Paper cannot replace blood or true love.  True love
is a personal thing, and can only be personally given.

Revelation 13:18;
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the
beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred
threescore and six.

As I said before, I don’t believe the number is some kind of external
branding, but is an internal branding of the spirit. The number 666 has
long had evil meanings in the realm of astrology, and men of the last
days will look to the stars for their creation.  It is the “big bang”
theory which rules, not the creative power of God. I think there is a
simpler way to understand how God sees the evil image of the beast, or
animal that is carved upon the hearts of those in the last days.  The
first man was created on the sixth day, and I believe the number 6
represents the human animal, or “beast”, with all our lusts and
self-pride. In the later days, man will think himself equal to God the
Father (6), God the Son (6), and God the Holy Spirit (6).  In the later
day's, man will think himself to be equal with God, in all His wisdom
and creative power (666). Man will marvel at his own accomplishments,
and will say in his heart, “who is greater than me”.   But how pitifully
ignorant the beast really is.

Brothers and sisters in Christ we must look hard into our own souls and
ask ourselves what is really most important to us, and who or what do we
truly love?  Show me where you spend most of your time and what are the
desires of your heart, and I will tell you which mark is carved upon
your soul.  Is it the mark of the 144,000, or is it the mark of the
greedy human beast?  Who rules our souls, the human beast, or the loving
spirit of Christ living within us?  Where is our true God, in our own
hands, or are we in His hands?  Where is our faith, in the power of
human technology, or in the power of God’s word.  What are we living
for, our own human desires, or for the love of the Christ who loved us
enough to die for us?  In His death, He showed us how to live.  Or do we
pray to the stock market, and worship it as though it will last longer
than our last breath?  Do we see the things we own as having some kind
of lasting value, something to be proud of, and forget that our last
shirt has no pockets?

If we truly believe without a doubt that there is a God, then when we
stand before Him what is going to be important at that moment?  All
those things we let rule our soul, or our simple love for the Father and
His children?  The mark of the beast can be erased, but it is up to us
to choose which mark defines our eternal souls.  Is it the love of
money, or our love for the Christ and His sheep?  It is harder for a
camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter
into the kingdom of heaven.  Where is our treasure?

If one truly knows there is a tomorrow, then one should prepare for its
coming.  Let Christ rule your heart, not earthly things.

Lord have mercy on us all, but for the grace of Jesus Christ we would
all be lost!

Your brother in Jesus, the only Christ!
joe sizemore
May 3, 2000

****** End of Message ******

Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.

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Antichrist or Abomination – A letter to Terry

This is a letter from a friend of mine who I will call Terry.  Terry
read a prophecy that I wrote pertaining to the Abomination of Desolation
spoken of by Daniel the prophet, but as you will quickly see he has
another agenda which I think is equally important to consider.  Perhaps
you have been asked similar questions, if not you probably soon will
be.  The following is our conversation;

Dear Terry,
I found your note to be a little strange, but interesting, and I thank
you for caring enough to try to help a wayward stranger.  There is too
much to respond to in one place, so I have placed some comments within
your text, which follows;

Terry wrote -------- >
your idea of what the antichrist is, is laughable. Why is Clinton the
antichrist? Because he got a @#$$^^&? Because he is the president?
Because he happened to be the president in the yr 2000?

joe wrote ------------- >
I see you did not read the entire prophecy, otherwise you would know it
is not about any antichrist, it is about the “abomination” spoken of by
Daniel the prophet, and by Jesus in the Matthew 24. The so-called
antichrists have always been with us, as they are all around us today.
The word “antichrist” simply means one who rejects Jesus Christ as being
the only begotten Son of the Father, and the only way to salvation.  We
are told that “he, who rejects the Son, also rejects the Father, and he
who rejects the Father, also rejects the Son.”  To be an antichrist
simply means we reject the Father or the Son.

However, the word “abomination” in most Hebrew texts means “impure,
filthy, and unclean or that which is foul-smelling and objectionable to
the Father.  I believe the thing that makes the abomination spoken of by
Daniel so detestable to the Father is that he will come as an angle of
light, one wearing the mask of Christianity, but his soul loves himself
above all else.  The Bible tells us about the one who will come onto the
world seen in the last moments of mankind’s rule over the earth, but
what is often overlooked is that He will be leading a great world
military power of people just like himself.  They think themselves rich,
without blemish, and safe form destruction, but they do not realize how
filthy, retched and poor they really are.

Terry wrote -------- >
I'm going to let you in on something. The antichrist is far from what
you imagine...and i will explain it to you. What is the basic summary of
Christianity? What was Christ's ministry? What is the purpose of all the

revealed religions of the world?

To save souls...

joe wrote ------------ >
Please forgive me if I am taking your words too literally, but I see the
spirit of the antichrist in your own words.  You speak of Christianity
as just one of many “religions”, but my soul tells me there is only one
God, one faith, and one way to salvation.  When the Father saw how
hopelessly lost we humans had become, He sent us His most lovable Son to
tell us how we must change if we are to enter into the Father house.
The Father risk the soul of His most precious Son by sending Him down to
this dark land, and if we reject His magnificent offer, then He will
reject us in our last hour.  You see Terry, this is what being an
antichrist is all about, rejecting the Father’s gift of salvation.  The
Father doesn’t reject us, we in our own knowledge reject Him.  What
would you do if you sent your child down to the streets and back alleys
to save of drunken bum, and the bum just laughed and spit in His face?
That is basically what we did to Jesus.  Now if you where God, what
would you do to such a bum?  Jesus said, “forgive them Father, for they
know not what the do.  That is what makes Christianity different from
all of the rest of the religions in the world, we are the only one who
are not saved by works, but by the loving grace of Jesus Christ alone.
However, we have a free will, and we chose for ourselves who we will
follow, and our choice makes us a child of the Father, or an anti-child
(antichrist) in that we reject the sacrifice of Jesus for our souls.

Terry wrote -------- >
That’s what religions are all about aren’t they? So whenever the
antichrist is mentioned, because he is supposed to be an inversion of
christ, he is supposed to DAMN souls isn't he? Wreck havoc on the
earth... damn his followers to eternity in hell?

joe wrote ----------- >
No, not at all, we each pick our own future. You seem to think hell is
some place far away where the evil ones will be taken, but I don’t think
that is the case at all.  It is heaven that is far away, and it is to
heaven that we now have a last opportunity to regain.  You see Terry, we
now stand in the presence’s of the Father’s loving light, but one day
soon He will leave us in a darkness called hell, never again to see His
loving light. If you can imagine a place without any love, or
compassion, then you have a small understanding of what hell is really
like.  You see Terry, the spirit within the soul will live forever, and
it is just a matter of where.  I prefer to be taken away form the
darkness of this world, and to see only Jesus there standing in the door
to His Father’s house, waiting with opened arms for me. If you will
remember, God cast Satan and his angels out from heaven, and  “down” to
the earth.  It is the earth, which stand in danger of hell, not those in
the Father’s wonderful heaven.

 Terry wrote -------- >
This perception of the antichrist is laughable because everyone expects
this to be the image of the antichrist. An image of evil and benevolence
that has millions of followers. And that’s why the likely candidates for
the antichrist are always those who are highly supported and evil...i.e
hitler, napoleon, hussein, clinton, etc. Wouldn't the antichrist be
smarter than this... why would he let himself be easily identified?
Would he be even one person? Remember, if the revealed religions of the
world rely on one man to spread their message, wouldn't the antichrist
be many?

joe wrote ----------- >
You are exactly right, as I have just told you, the antichrist’s are all
around us, but there is one to come upon the world stage when the Father
will end mankind’s rule over the earth.  Mankind will no longer have a
government of the people, by the people, and for the people, because we
will then have a government of the Father, by the Father, and for the
Father. In that day the only begotten Son of the Father will rule the
world alone, the other false gods will no longer be heard.  Look around,
we now place God in second place as though we had the power to do so,
and we think He is just some kind of magic sorcerer that we can bring up
when things go badly.

I find it interesting that you overlooked Russia’s Stalin, who was an
atheist hating all religions.  Instead you gave me a list of leaders of
so called religious nations.  You must also see them as abominations.
They hide behind the mask of holiness to hide their evil hearts, which
makes them even more abominable in the sight of the Father.

Terry wrote -------- >
So lets get back to christ's ministry...To Save Souls...Because the
antichrist is supposedly a character of 'evil'...the opposite of the
salvationist religions...we suppose the Antichrist's ministry is to DAMN

souls. I propose this to you...Suppose the inversion is not on the word
SAVE...suppose it’s on the word SOULS.  And what's the opposite of souls
clip. It's the WORLD. The Antichrist is here to save the world clip. And
its gonna start through the destruction of the one thing that threatens
the life of this world...our society.  You may have thought I was going
to say man, but no,,, this is not the case. Man can co-exist with the in harmony with it...tribal people have been doing it for 3
million years. Your right clip. The antichrist is coming...not to damn
everyone...but to save the world. And I’m proud to announce myself as an

joe wrote -------------- >
Now I guess we see through the glass clearly, and we each follow our
hearts.  You attached yours to this world, but I am a bit confused.  If
you are right, then what happens to your world when the sun finally burn
out and there is no longer the life giving heat which the human animal
requires to survive.  It seems you try to save what is already lost.
Within my own soul I know there is something out there which is greater
than myself, and I seek it because I see in it the love and future that
can never be attained in this human shell.

Terry wrote -------- >
I'll leave you with a quote from John the should be
familiar with it...

"You must not love the world or the things of the world, for those that
love the world are strangers to the love of the Father...Children, the
final hour is at hand! You've heard that the Antichrist is coming. He's
not one but many, and when the many are among us, you'll know the final
hour has come."

joe wrote ----------- >
Let me give you a few words of Jesus,
“The way is narrow, and few therebe who find it”
“I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but
by me”
“My sheep hear my voice, and they will follow me”

 Terry wrote -------- >

ps: If your interested, look up a book called Ishmael, by Daniel
Quinn...consider it to be the Antichrist's equivalent of the bible...

joe  wrote ---------- >
Terry, I would like to thank you for letting me share my faith in Christ
with you, it is my greatest joy.  In my long life I have often learned
that I do not have all of the answers, but I know the one who does, and
I place my life in His hands. I pray to the Father that He will come to
you and show you the miracles he has shown to me.  I have tried to write
them down on my web page, and I hope you will take a little time to read
them, especially the one entitled “His Crown”.  You can find them on my
web page at;

Take care of yourself, and I am glad you came my way. I also pray that
you will never stop seeking the truth.  Where there is time there is

Your Christian friend,
Joe sizemore

****** End of Message ******

Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.

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The Coming!

The earth is shrouded in total darkness, 
The sun can no longer be seen, 
Mankind’s rule over the earth is pushed back, 
To where God’s word first begins. 

Yet mankind is here shivering in the darkness, 
Fear now rules their lives, 
There is no hope for tomorrow, 
Because the sun has lost its bright light. 

The lost souls curses the darkness, 
But it is hopeless without the light, 
Soon all will be silent, 
Just as the darkness has smothered the light. 

But what is that now in the far distance, 
It is a tiny glimpse of light, 
Its bright rays begin to light the heavens, 
Beyond the sun, the stars, and skies. 

And look there in the midst of the burning light, 
It is the Son of God for sure, 
He is coming back in glory, 
Just as He said He would. 

Oh Father in heaven I thank Thee, 
For sending Jesus to this dark land, 
His love and mercy now lifts us, 
Out of the darkness once again. 

I’ll praise thee Oh my Father, 
I’ll praise Thee with my mouth and hands, 
Because Jesus has come to take the children, 
To Your Holy Promised Land. 

joe sizemore 
May 11, 2000 

****** End of Message ****** 
Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our most important purpose. 
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Oh To Be A Tiny Tree

Lord as I struggle through life’s journey, 
My efforts for You seem so small,
There is so much I should be doing, 
But I always seem to fall. 

And then You showed me a tiny tree, 
In the forest thick and dark, 
It can’t change it place like me, 
But it seeks the tinniest light with all its heart. 

It never stopped seeking, 
Even though it cannot change its space, 
But in its endless struggle I can see, 
It has earned Your love and grace. 

Oh to be like that tiny tree, 
Seeking only the light from above, 
I know somehow without asking, 
That the light is filled with the Father’s love. 

Lord let me also stand still and tall, 
Let me seek You at every turn, 
Let me follow Your light from heaven 
And to myself never again to return. 

It is not what we do in this life that will justify us before the Father, it is how we truly feel within our hearts.  You see, it is a simple matter of true love.  If I love someone, they will be the object that rules every corner of my life, just as the light does for that small tree in the midst of the darkness.  Love Christ with all your heart, and He will also love you in the very same way. 

Your brother in Christ, 
joe sizemore 
May 15, 2000 

****** End of Message ****** 
Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our most important purpose. 

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        Do you feel the Uneasiness in the Air?

Do you feel the uneasiness in the air, 
do you have a fear that maybe none will be spared, 
can you see the black clouds gathering over the souls of mankind, 
is there something telling you it is truly the end of man’s time. 

If you knew your fears would all come true, 
do you think this adulterous world would even listen to you, 
mankind lives in their palaces of stone and steel, 
thinking it is the only thing in this world that is really real. 

Mankind plays god thinking there cannot possible be, 
anything greater than you or me, 
and we don’t have to listen to any so-called heavenly plan, 
which was put into place long before the beginning of man. 

But please listen to your heart if not to God’s word, 
and you’ll know the sounds of darkness will soon be heard, 
you don’t have to read this in the scriptures or in a book, 
you can feel its presents standing before you but will you even look. 

There is also a bright silver lining there in the far distance skies, 
for those who do believe and know it is not a lie, 
the light draws them up out of the darkness of the deep, 
up to everlasting glory away from the darkness and eternal sleep. 

And those who do hear the warnings to mankind, 
will turn and listen to the words in their hearts and in their minds, 
and they will know the warnings are not for them, 
because the Lord will soon come and take them away with Him. 

May the Father bless the Body of Christ. What a joy it is to know we are in the Master's hands, but what about the rest of the world? 

joe sizemore 

****** End of Message ****** 
Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our most important purpose. 

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When I First Saw You 

I came from out of the darkness, 
All alone and without sight, 
Then I saw my Mom there holding me, 
In her was my first delight. 

But the world was all so new to me, 
So much to see and do, 
The darkness was gone forever, 
Being replaced with a sky of blue. 

Yet as I grew older, 
The luster and glow seemed to fade, 
There was something still missing within me, 
Like the delight of my Mother’s face. 

And then one day I saw you, 
My heart grew wings that day, 
The earth could no longer hold me, 
After I had seen your loving face. 

I knew in that very moment, 
My life would never again be the same, 
You filled my heart with laughter, 
You took away my rain. 

As we now go down life’s road together, 
We see the world the same, 
The sky is now brighter and bluer, 
Even in the rain. 

I thank the Lord above me, 
For the light you have brought into my life, 
It will shine across the heavens, 
Leaving an eternal light. 

joe sizemore 
March 26, 2000 

****** End of Message ****** 
Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our most important purpose. 

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I saw a note on the Internet from a Christian, who I will call Terry,
stating their concern over allowing prayer back into our schools.
Following is Terry’s note and my thoughts on the subject.  Where do you
stand on the issue?

Terry wrote ------------- >
i wanna ask one question.  when you say prayer... do you mean letting
students pray or mandating prayer for all??? i live in NYC and if we
allow or mandate prayer in the schools what kind of prayer?? will it be
chanting with buddah......bowing to allah or talking to jesus?? i live
an a very diverse community.  i feel prayer is a private thing.  if a
person WANTS to pray they should be allowed to pray.  but if a prayer is
lead by some unbeliever or if they are praying to a "god of your
choice"  what is the benefit? i send my daughter to, and work in,  a
Lutheran school  but in public schools there are rarely any christian
teachers here.  of course there are some,  but i still dont see the
benefits of prayer in school.  a corporate prayer...unbelieving people
repeating something that they dont understand??  please specify what you
mean by "prayer in the schools" we as christians ought always to pray in
our hearts.  forcing christianity on others, opens the door to other
religions being taught as well. this letter is jumbled and im sorry,  im
just trying to get my thoughts
across.  feel free to email me

joe wrote ---------------------- >
Dear Terry,
I received a copy of your above note on school prayer, and found it very
interesting, but puzzling at the same time.  Perhaps my puzzlement comes
from my own limited view of the world our heavenly Father has made for
us.  As I read your words they all ring true in a democratic society,
one ruled by man’s laws where all men are created equal, but that is
also saying that all gods are created equal, or there is no god at all.
But if I am a Christian, if I do truly believe (1) there is a heavenly
Father who created me and all the earth,  (2) Jesus is truly the only
begotten Son of the Father, and  (3) all men will soon stand before the
Father in judgement, then whose laws should I follow?  Will I be held
accountable to the Father for my middle of the road stance in a
democratic world that is moving further away from the Father every
day?   Should I compromise the faith which is my life’s blood for the
well being of our democratic society which states all men and gods are
created equal?  Should I stand by and say it is better to have public
schools which are ruled by the atheist faith, which teach our children
there is no God, because I fear letting the students decide for
themselves in an open debate?

I was raised in a time when the Lord’s prayer was said every morning in
our public schools.  If you read the following words of the prayer Jesus
told us to pray in Matthew 6:9-13, then I would ask what religion could
reject these words, other than the atheistic faith which now rules our
schools and children?

Matthew 6:9-13
(9) After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.  (10) Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth,
as it is in heaven.  (11) Give us this day our daily bread.  (12) And
forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.  (13) And lead us not
into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and
the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

What faith do these words offend, other than the atheistic religion?
If I truly believe in the atheistic faith, I still have the right to
ignore the prayer, as many so called Christians have done in the past.
But having said all that, the great debate over prayer in our schools is
still a personal thing, and we much each be responsible for our own
actions in this life when we come before our heavenly Father.  I think
back to the Christian’s in the lion’s den, who went singing to their
deaths, rather than compromising their faith in Jesus.  I wonder how
they would see our debate over school prayer today?  We too now stand in
the lion’s den, but Satan, the great deceiver, has blinded us and we
don’t even see the arena, while we dance to the atheist music.

As I look down the road at a world without God, my heart cries out for
the lost children who are consumed in the fires of Satan’s lies.  Where
should I stand in all of this?  Our schools have taught us that our
democratic government ruled by the people is to be worshiped above all
else, and they have hidden the Father’s warnings that all that is ruled
by man will soon parish.  I personally prefer a government ruled by a
loving Father, and not by humans.

As I said earlier, this is a personal problem within myself, as my soul
cries out for the lost and I cannot stand by and watch my brothers and
sisters in Christ being slathered in the world’s arena without joining
them.  The atheist faith is choking the life’s blood from our children
each day while we call it equality.  But where is the equality, when
only the atheist faith is taught?   How could I look upon the faces of
those lost in hell forever, and say it was justice?  I wish to force no
one to follow me, but I can never follow man’s desires when they try to
turn me, and my children away from my Father.  The only question is, is
our faith in Christ more real to us than man’s laws of equality?  Do we
prefer to keep man’s laws, more than losing our own souls?  What are we
willing to give up for our Savior, or did He save us only in words and
there is no power in His sacrifice?  Is our faith in Christ real, or do
we subject it to man’s approval?  The Christians in the lion’s den
willingly gave their lives for their faith, are we willing to live for
ours?   It is for certain that if we follow only the words of Christ,
our democratic atheist society world will soon cast us into the lion’s
den once again.  In that hour which choice will we make, to conform with
the democratic atheist principles or to never compromise our faith in
the one true God?

Our nation was built upon a faith in God, but we now reject such
beliefs.  Are we better off now, is our future brighter, are our
children more understanding, or is the darkness beginning to cover our
democratic world?  Lord, for me, I humbly bow before You, and I gladly
accept You as my only Lord and King.

God bless you Terry, as we search together for our Father’s will in our
lives.  We each must make a stand, as the Lord leads us, but I pray that
we are not being deceived.  May He fill your soul with His love, mercy,
and grace.  Such can only come from a truly loving Master. I would
rather be a servant in my Father’s house, than a king of a democratic

Your brother in Christ,
Joe sizemore.

****** End of Message ******

Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.
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The Last Room

We build our lives with the choices we make,
like building a house with many doors and gates.

It is the rooms which give the house its true character,
and reflects the owner’s worth and worldly treasures.

Each of the rooms in our house of life has two pathways out,
one leading to eternal darkness, and one to eternal light.

Once we leave a room, the door closes behind us forever,
and it’s beauty or darkness will not change, but will remain forever.

Even if all of our rooms have been filled with darkness,
our next room always offers new sight through the brightness of a door
of light.

It is not the number of rooms which makes our life house beautiful,
it is the light which shines beyond ourselves, and shows us the pathway
to heaven or hell.

Even the smallest light brings life to the dreadful darkness,
and keeps the black night from enclosing our house of light.

We never know when we enter the last room in our house of life,
where there will be no more choices of darkness or light.

But when that final door closes behind us our choice is made
to stay in our darkness
 or to go to a beautiful heaven our Lord has made.


It is our knowledge that lets us see the spiritual doors of life,
because without knowledge the doors cannot be seen, and we remain in our
darkness. Without knowledge, we are like the bull in the arena, charging
at the red cape, but not understanding that it is the matador who
controls the cape and is there just to torment us. God has given us
knowledge of good and evil, and it is up to us to choose which is most
important to us. The correct choice seems obvious, but few will grasp
the truth and will prefer to remain in their darkness.

The first step towards the door of light is to realize that there is a
power far greater than ourselves, and it is He who holds the future.
Some think they are just fine in their darkness, but they will soon find
that their limited knowledge has blinded them to the reality which
stands just beyond their doors. When we look back at a house of
darkness, it seems to have only one room and is disappearing in the
darkness that surrounds it. But a house of light, stands like a mighty
fortress, and the light glows from it as a beacon shinning brightly upon
a raging sea. It is the light of God alone that lets us see beyond our
own human darkness, to see where our life’s journey will end.  At the
closing of that final door, It will be too late to say, “but I will
choose the door of light”, because the door of darkness has closed upon
us forever.

Look closely at our own lives, and we will see the doors, each requiring
us to make a simple decision of good or evil. The doors of darkness is
the easy path for the human, and leads us downward toward the endless
pit, while the doors of light requires us to grasp for life beyond
ourselves, and lifts us above our own limited understanding. Even in a
room of light we must keep moving, because if we tarry too long, the
light will soon fade away. As we continue through the doors of light,
the rooms becomes brighter and brighter. It is the seeking of the light
that increases its brightness. It is the light in the last room of our
house that will last forever, and can never be extinguished. It is the
light in that last room that will let us see God Himself.

The other thing we must realize is the light is already in the rooms
waiting for us to enter. The lighted room was not built by mankind, and
we need only to choose it. Rooms built by human hand give no light
beyond themselves, and are surrounded by the outer darkness which lies
beyond the universe. The rooms of light are built by a loving God who
seeks us, and is trying to show us the way out of the darkness. Seek the
house which is built by God, while the door of light is still opened to

At the end of our lives, we may have many rooms in our house of life, or
just a few. The number of rooms is not important. It is the light
remaining in our house that is important, is it strong enough to push
the darkness aside? Will it be a house whose light glows bright enough
to show the way out of the darkness for others, or will it be boarded
up, and doomed to the empty darkness? Will our house be livable, or
useless and cast aside? Choose the fire of God almighty to light the
lamps in your house, they will never burn out. The human’s day is short,
but the light of God, shinning through the door of light will cut
through the outer darkness forever.

I think we all go through similar situations in our life’s journey, and
by seeing how others have overcome the darkness, it may help to shine
light on our own path way. I have tried to show you some of the doors
and rooms in my own house, and I pray that God’s loving light will shine
brightly enough through the windows to help lead you to the same loving
light of God.  There are many ways the light of God is brought into our
lives. Some can hear the spoken word of a brother or sister in Christ,
and it is enough to change their lives forever. Some can read the word
of God as spoken in the Holy Scripture, and they pick up their cross,
and follow Jesus.  For others God’s spirit is brought to them in visions
and dreams, which sets their hearts on fire with an unquenchable love
for God, who fills our souls with light everlasting.

I only had to choose the door, God provided the light. To whom much is
given, much is required, and that is why I now write this message to
you. I want to tell you about the wonderful love which God gives us
freely. Reach for His Door of Light while there is still time, it would
be so sad to be in God’s glory, and have left you behind.

I am the door by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go
in and out, and find pasture.
(John 10:9)

joe sizemore

****** End of Message ******

Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.
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