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(Mal 3:16 KJV)  Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name.


"He Loved Me"

Depression - The Other Side of the Window

Nineveh, where is your Jonah?

Sleep or Death?

What is the Difference Between the Soul & Spirit

I Will Never Forget That Easter!

The Last Passover

Death, He Is Waiting

Change the time

His Tears

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"He Loved Me"

Father, how could You have loved, 
a terrible wretch like me, 
He answered softly, 
because I knew what you could be 

I told the world, 
I would do great honorable things, 
but deep down inside me, 
You know I followed other schemes 

I wore the mask of Christianity, 
for all the world to see, 
but I never felt Your guidance, 
beyond the church house scene 

As I look back across my life, 
You were always put in second place, 
Because there was a demon inside me, 
that pulled me from Your grace 

Lord I am so ashamed, 
as I stand here before Your throne, 
I am guilty, lost, and lonely, 
and not worthy of Your home 

He turned with His loving smile, 
and held opened His arms to me, 
Child you turned out wonderfully, 
just like I knew you would be 

Donít let your failures destroy your joy in God, He 
found you in the pits of hell with all your sins, and 
He loved you anyway. Christ saw in you what we 
cannot yet see, that tiny small light which the world 
cannot destroy, and will grow brighter with each new 
day. So donít get discouraged over past failures, 
and truly understand that Christ fell in love with 
you, long before you fell in love with Him. 

joe sizemore 

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Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our most important purpose. 

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Depression - The Other Side of the Window

I wrote a note to a good Christian friend of mine who is presently
suffering from depression, and I would like to share it with you.  I
have changed the name.

Hi Terry,
Thank you very much for your kind and loving note, what a privilege it
is to share the love of Jesus with others.  I am very sorry to hear
about your depression, it is one of Satanís sharpest tools. The only
other thing I can think of which comes close to depression is when our
love for another has been rejected, and there is no hope in our hearts.
When we see others suffering from such pain, we often say to ourselves,
they are just going to have to get over it.  But when it happens to us,
it is obvious that the world can't possible understand the terrible pain
we are enduring.   Perhaps reality is somewhere in between.

I personally see depression as a raging fire, and the only thing that
can stop fire is to flood it with it's opposite, water.  Depression is
not normal, but will drown us if we can not find a way out.  However,
there is a way out, and that is to drown our depression with its
opposite, true and abiding love.  Love is the only thing that empties
our prideful lust, and can even overcomes the pain of physical
disorders, all of which fuel the fires of our depression.  Depression is
not something that goes away on itís on, but must be drowned by washing
it away in a flood of love.  Depression boils it furry in an empty and
lonely heart.

We must not get love and lusts confused, because lust and pride are
usually the key ingredients to our depression.  Lust says to our hearts,
what is in this for me, how does it effect my feelings, and how do I
make this terrible hurt I feel go away.  But love never looks at self,
it looks only at the one, or thing being loved.  I think the difference
between love and lust can somewhat be seen in our love for a dog or
cat.  We require nothing back from such pets, we love them anyway,
regardless of what they may do because they do not challenge our pride
or self lust.  They may awaken us in the middle of the night with their
barking and mischief making, or try to run away from our warm and loving
home, but we see them for the imperfect creature that they are, and we
love them anyway.

Now when such a pet or loved one dies, it leaves a great vacuum in our
souls which must be refilled with love, otherwise the evils of
depression will enter in once again to destroy our souls.  There is only
one way to stop this cycle of joy and pain, and that is to live our
lives on the other side of the window, where we look into our own lives
through the loving eyes of Christ. When we love Christ first, then we
filter our love for all others through His love for us, and there is
never a vacuum in our soul, because it is filled first, and always, with
our love for Christ.  Jesus is our window, through which we see and love
all of the rest of the world.  He is our first love, and comforts us in
all of our tribulations.  There is never a moment in the darkest night
when He does not hear our cries, and no matter how far away we may try
to run, He is always there to bring us back home. No matter how evil we
may see ourselves to be, He loves us anyway, and He is always standing
there on the other side of the window, waiting for His loving pet to

I have learned that in my loving Christ first, the depressions of this
world simple melt away in the warmth of His loving light.  Humans will
surely fail us, our health will surely fail us, but the love of Christ
will never fail us.  He is always there to quench the fires of our
sorrows and depression, He is always there on the other side of the
window, waiting with open arms.  When sorrows and joys try to fill our
lives on the other side of the window, there is no room left in our
hearts for depression.

It is all a matter of who do we love, and do we really understand what
love actually is.  It is true, that love conquers all.  My prayers are
with you Terry, that the Lord will show His loving face, and that you
might see His loving grace shinning there through the windows of your

Your brother in Jesus, the ONLY Christ!
joe sizemore
February 9, 2000

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Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.

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Nineveh, where is your Jonah?

Nineveh, where is your Jonah? The  name of the city may have changed,
but the danger is exactly the same. Pray child of the Father.

I think you will understand what I mean when you read the following
article my nephew Tad sent.  Pray for a new Jonah before it is too late!

"I grew up in rural America in the '50's and '60's.  On any given day,
you could walk through the high school parking lot and observe that half
the vehicles parked there were trucks with windows rolled down and doors
unlocked.  Most of them carried, as standard equipment, an FFA sticker,
Future Farmers of America for you city folks) and a gun rack with at
least one gun, usually loaded.  You could make the same observation at
any of the four high school campuses in our county.  Amazingly, I do not
ever recall reading or hearing about mass shootings in any of those high
schools.  What has changed in America is not the accessibility of guns,
but the character of man.

On the wall in my parents home is a plaque awarded to my father in
recognition of service for 27 years on the local school board.  He told
me that for years, a standard requirement on every Teacher's contract
was membership in a local church.  I remember starting every school day
with the pledge and a prayer.  I remember when girls who got pregnant in
high school were ashamed, when abortions were illegal, when the divorce
rate was not 50% because couples stayed together for the kid's sake,
when there were no
X-rated movies, when milk cartons didn't have missing kids faces on them
and I didn't know anyone personally who used drugs.  I remember when
kids were taught respect for authority and accountability to God.  I
hear people say that the good old days weren't always so good but please
don't tell me you think these are better.

Last night I attended a high school football game that was covered by
local and national news.  The news coverage was not about the football
teams, but about the defiance of a court order by one brave little Texas
town to preserve the right to pray before a football game.  The more
this country struggles to free itself from religion, the more we become
entangled in the consequences.

If people are taught that they came from slime, the obvious questions
and consequences must follow.  What is the purpose of my existence
[hopelessness], who made you the boss of me [lawlessness], why are your
rules good and mine bad [relativism], what does it matter how I live if
I came from slime and return to slime [immorality and inhumanity]?  I
realize that in any given poll, the vast majority of Americans claim to
believe in God.  I claim to believe that running is good for me but that
does not make me a runner.
Putting on my running shoes and running makes me a runner. The climbing
abortion rate, murder rate, divorce rate, alcoholism and drug abuse
rate, child and spousal abuse rate contradict that claim and prove that
actions speak louder than words.  It is an observable truth that the
best time you will ever make on any
American City freeway is on Sunday morning because there are no traffic
jams getting to church.  For those who believe that separation of church
and state is not enough, that the world would be better off with no
church at all, ask yourself this question.  How many hospitals,
universities, orphanages, homeless and abuse shelters have been founded
by the ACLU or American Atheist Society?  It is the inclusion of the
word Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Christian, etc., in the name of so
many of these institutions that proves by actions, not just words, who
really cares for the suffering of mankind and desires to make the world

The question that people should be asking is not "Why does God allow
tragedies?" but "When will we realize that no nation, in the history of
the world, has ever separated itself from God and evolved to a better

Of course, to answer, you would have to know history.  Most people, it
would seem, prefer People magazine."

Joyce Minor
Asst. Director of Development and Alumni Relations
University of Alabama School of Law
(Jonah 3:10)
And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God
repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and
he did it not.

****** End of Message ******

Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.
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Sleep or Death?

You asked, ďDoes a person automatically go to Heaven when they die, or
do they "sleep" until the rapture?Ē

There are many scriptures which tell us about what happens when we close
our eyes in death, and they sometimes seem to take us in different
directions.  The thoughts I now share with you are my own, and each of
us must search the scriptures, and our hearts, to gain our own personal
understanding.  However, without a firm grip on what awaits us after
death, I believe we will always be filled with doubts.

In order to fully answer your question, we must first have a common
understanding of exactly what the soul is in relationship to the human
shell that we now wear.  I believe your question goes to the very heart
of our faith, and requires a true understanding of the soul which will
live forever, verses our temporary human shell which will soon be cast
aside, as though it had never existed.  The human shell is but a
temporary mirror that reflexes the character of our everlasting soul, it
is a record, or a statement of facts about what and who we really are.
But it is not the real thing, it is the eternal soul that is there at
the beginning, and at the end of our physical being.  When we stand
before the judgement of the Father, it is our human lives that will tell
the truth about our souls, and it is what we did with our human lives
that will justify, or condemn us before the Father.  The questions we
think will be asked on the judgement day are actually being asked of us
now in our daily lives.  It is our answer to these everyday questions,
which will rule in the final hour of our judgement.  I believe that is
the only purpose for our human lives, to tell the true story about our
individual soul when we stand before the Father on judgement day.  We
wonít need words in that hour, everything will have already been said,
and it will be our time to listen.

As to the specifics of your question, in order to explain what happens
beyond our human death, we need to understand that we are trying to use
inadequate human words to describe a life source that we cannot fully
comprehend.  It is like a fish living in water trying to describe fire,
we may get the general idea, but we can never truly understand it, until
we have experienced it ourselves.  To help us better understand we need
to look closely at the meaning of the words "sleep" and ďdeathĒ.  Sleep,
in itís simplest terms means to be absence from what we call reality,
but it is not the absences of life or thought, as we might associate
with the word death.  When sleeping we seem to be suspended in a world
we cannot control, while human death on the other hand means to stop, or
to come to a complete end to which there is no return.  Death is the
final separation from our human life form, but it is not the end of life
itself.  In the spirit world of the soul the word death is used to
describe the complete separation of the soul from the presents of the
Father, but it is not the end of our being.  However it does describe a
final event, from which there will be no return, as we will no longer be
allowed to remain in the presents of our Father ever again.  It is a
privilege we have today that we take for granite, but it will not always
be so.

Let me try to explain myself a little better.  To be out of the presents
of the Father forever, is the worse hell a soul will ever endure.  The
pain of the first death is to be separated from the human body, and all
that we have learned to love in our human existence.  The second death
is to be separated from the loving light of the Father, and to be cast
away into the darkness of the bottomless pit forever, never again to
experience the loving light of our Lord.  It is only the second death
which is to be feared, and yet in all of the Fatherís great wisdom, He
lets us choose for ourselves where we shall spend eternity, in His
loving presents, or in the darkness of the second death.  We make our
own final choice by the actions we take in our daily human lives.  Our
daily choices tell us whom we love in the depth of our hearts, and where
our hearts are found, our souls will be there also.  The Father will let
us remain where our hearts are.  Neither the human shell, nor our soul,
has yet experienced the terrors of being in the darkness without the
loving light of the Father surrounding us, but that is what awaits those
who choose their own selfish desires over loving others as the Father
has loved us.

Now having said all of that, does it help us to understand where we go
when we die?  Each of us must still come to our own conclusion, but I
personally believe the answer is simply that we sleep, in that we are no
longer in control, or a part of this earthly existence.  However, our
soul will continue to exist, and we will be aware of the others there
with us.  In the book of Luke, Jesus tells us about Lazarus and the rich

Luke 16:25-26
(25) But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime
receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he
is comforted, and thou art tormented. (26) And beside all this, between
us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass
from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come
from thence.

 Now is Lazarus in heaven and the rich man in hell?  We donít know for
certain, but we do know that they continue to exist, they continue to
experience life.  We also know that it is happening now, because in
verses 27-28, the rich man pleads with Abraham to send Lazarus back to
warn his brothers who are headed to the same place.

Luke 16:27-28
(27) Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest
send him to my father's house: (28) For I have five brethren; that he
may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.

Note that the rich manís family is still among the living, wearing the
human shell, while the rich man suffers unbearable pain.  We also need
to remember that during this same time, Lazarus is in the arms of
Abraham, wanting for nothing, Lazarus is in paradise.  They both sleep
in the sense that they cannot control their present circumstances, they
must stay where they have been placed until they are called forth.  But
after the final judgement, the rich man and Lazarus will no longer be
able to see each other, for the rich man will be cast out from the
presents of the Father with all of those who love themselves more than
others.  A selfish person should not be surprised to inherit only
themselves when they come before the Father, after all it is their
greatest desire.

Jesus also told the thief on the cross with Him, ďtoday you will be with
me in paradiseĒ.  He didnít say later you will be with me, He didnít say
after the judgement you will be with me, He said ďtodayĒ you will be
with me in paradise. Just as Lazarus is also in the arms of Abraham
ďtodayĒ.  I donít believe life is something that can simply be put on a
shelf, in some kind of temporary holding tank of nothingness called
sleep, otherwise, why come back to life at all.  Why not just stay in
our nothingness, after all what would be gained in coming back to life
just to be punished, and then returned back into our nothingness?  It
would be far better to stay in our nothingness, than to be cast into
hell.  This is way we need to understand that once life is created, it
can never end, which is almost beyond our present human understanding.
The Father gets no great joy in tormenting evil souls, He just refuses
to have them contaminate those who have shown themselves to have His
same pure and loving heart, and He refuses to have such prideful souls
in His presents

When we do understand that once the spirit is created it cannot end,
then we also understand the importance of where we will spend eternity.
It is difficult for us to comprehend an unending life source, just as it
would be difficult for a fish to comprehend fire, but is doesnít mean
that there isnít something called fire.  The hell of the spirit is a
torture we humans cannot even begin to comprehend.  It is not our human
well being that is at stake, it is our soulís future which is in
danger.  If you think your life is unbearable today, think what it will
be like in an unbearable hell which you cannot control or change, and it
will never end.  For some reason unknown to me, I believe this is our
last chance to remain forever in the loving light of our heavenly
Father, yet there are those who have no fear of such an all-powerful
being.   God help us all to see ourselves as the Father sees us, God
help us all to love others as Christ has loved us, God help us all to
forgive others as Christ forgives us.  We also need to remember that we
are not being formed to be everlasting humans, we are being formed to be
everlasting souls, ones worthy to remain in the presents of the almighty

So I believe that we will simply sleep just as the scriptures tell us
when we close our eyes in death, and I believe that we will be instantly
in the arms of Abraham, until we are called forth by our heavenly
Father.  Iím sorry I had to go so far around to come to such a simple
conclusion, but sometimes it is the only road we can follow.  I hope my
words have helped, and are not a greater stumbling block.  At any rate,
seek the Father with a pure and loving heart, and ask Him to shine His
loving light upon your soul, and he will show you all things as you have

Lord, I send You, forgive my inadequate words.

Your brother in Jesus, the ONLY Christ,
joe sizemore
March 8, 2000

****** End of Message ******

Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.

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What is the Difference Between the Soul and the Spirit?

A good Christian friend of mine, who I will call Terry, asked me the
following question, and I thought you might also be interested.

Please tell me about the difference between the soul and the spirit.

Dear Terry,
For me our soul is simply life itself, and is unique for each
individual.  In Genesis 2:7, we are told ďAnd the LORD God formed man of
the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of
life; and man became a living soul.Ē  To me this is saying God created a
new creature that is both flesh and spirit, in that it is both a living
animal and a living spirit. It is that within us, which we call life, as
opposed to a rock which is a lifeless object.  The living animal is the
temporary part of the soul, kind of like a launching pad that is to be
used to launch the spirit into the limitless heavens.  When we reach
that outer limit of the human shell, then it is jettisoned away form the
soul, never to be seen again. The spirit is that part of the soul that
will go on, it gives the soul the ability to love or hate, to see itself
in its own environment, to feel emotions, and to act upon such emotions
as is pleasing to the soul.  In other words the spirit is the essence of
life itself, having a free will to do as it please, as long as it does
not offend a greater power.  The spirit of the soul is like a small
child which must learn everything, and makes decisions based on itís
understandings and beliefs, choosing its own destiny.

Because the soul is both flesh and spirit, it faces two possible deaths,
the death of the flesh, and the death of the spirit, which is called the
Second Death.  We all understand how the flesh dies, when the life given
spirit is taken from the flesh, the human body losses all of its power,
and simply returns to the dust from which it came. It is in the spirit
death, or the Second Death, that the word death has a different
meaning.  The Second death comes when the life giving love of the Father
is taken from the spirit, and it is cast out into the outer darkness,
never again to experience the loving light of the Father.   You see, the
sprit will exit forever, because life once created will never end, but
after the Second Death, the spirit will no longer have the loving light
of the Father within it ever again.  If we can imagine a soul without
love, then we begin to imagine a little of what awaits the spirit in the
Second Death.

Another way to help us understand the soul, might be to look at a
chickenís egg.  When the egg is first laid, it is unique containing the
life giving water required to sustain life.   If the egg is properly
cared for, it will grow into an embryo, and eventually hatch into a
beautiful chicken, just like itís father.  We humanís are similarly born
within a soul that contains both flesh and the life giving water
(spirit), of our heavenly Father.  If we are properly nourished, then we
too begin to change into an embryo, in the image of our Father.  But the
embryo is still bound by the life giving waters within the soul.  The
humans, like the chicken, will remain in the confines of their shell
until they take action on their own to break free.  In breaking free
they both become new creatures in the full image of their fathers.  They
are no longer just a shell having a limited amount of life giving
breath, but they now stand complete, breathing on their own.

If there is no rebirth or transformation in the human soul, it will
surely rot away and die, just like a spoiled egg.  It is the new birth,
being born again, which changes us from the embryo of flesh and spirit
into a beautiful spiritual being filled only with the life giving Spirit
of our Father.  It is interesting to note that we humans are different
from the chicken, in that when we are hatched, or reborn, we immediately
realize what a wonderful gift we have received, and we donít start just
looking out for ourselves, as the new born chicken would do, but we
immediately turn to try to break the other shells, so that the spirits
of our brothers and sisters can also break free.  It is the love of the
Father within us, which turns us away from ourselves to reach out for
others.  We try to tell them what they must do if they too are to be
freed.  Caring for the unborn is now our only reason for remaining in
this land of clay, which is surely no longer our home.

As Genesis 2:7 tell us about the soul being made of flesh and spirit,
Jesus tell us in John 3:6-7 ďThat which is born of the flesh is flesh;
and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.  Marvel not that I said
unto thee, Ye must be born again.Ē  Our soul can die with the flesh, or
it can be changed into a loving spirit, one that can live forever in our
Fatherís house, but it is our choice.  For me, I chose to break free
from our shell of the soul, and to be born again completely in the
spiritual image of my Father.

We also need to remember that there are many other spirits which
surround the soul, but the child of the Father will hear His voice among
all of the others, and will follow His voice alone.  We are to be prized
above all else in heaven, simple because we are the children of the

I donít know if all of this has helped, but it is how I personally see
our spirit within our soul. I pray that I have helped your
understanding, and have not just placed another stumbling block before
you.  If my inadequate words have caused more confusion, then turn to
Jesus with a pure heart, and He will surely give you the light your
heart seeks.

I leave you with the following scriptures;

Hebrews 4:12
For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any
twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and
spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts
and intents of the heart.

Romans: 6:16
The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the
children of God:

Psalms 104:4
Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire:

Luke 1:46-47
And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord,  (47) And my spirit hath
rejoiced in God my Saviour.

Mark 8:36
For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and
lose his own soul?

- - - - -

But for the voice of Jesus, I too would be lost!  Thank you Father for
your Shepherd who came for His lost sheep. God bless you and keep you
Terry, in the loving name of our Lord Jesus who calls us by name.

Your brother in Christ always,
joe sizemore
March 14, 2000

****** End of Message ******

Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.
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I Will Never Forget That Easter! 

Let me tell you about that day in Jerusalem, 
underneath the heat of the midday sun, 
There was one there called Christ Jesus, 
He said He was Godís only begotten Son 

We dragged Him through the streets that day, 
he was just a simple man, 
He sweat and bled like the rest of us, 
but he never bowed His head 

I spit on Him as He passed me that day, 
and I slapped Him across the face, 
I was surprised how he stopped and looked at me, 
but in Him I could see no disgrace 

I grabbed branches from a thorn bush, 
and weaved them into a crown, 
Then I scampered alone behind Him, 
waiting until He stumbled to the ground 

Then I forced the crown firmly, 
upon His sweating head, 
and I watched the emerald green leaves, 
turn instantly into crimson red 

I just knew He could not take anymore, 
and He would soon beg to be set free, 
but He looked at me with eyes filled with blood and tears, 
then He continued up the street 

We made it up to Golgotha, 
and He stood there quietly with His crown, 
I pulled the nails from behind me, 
and slammed Him down to the ground 

I pounded the nails into His hands, 
and into both of His feet, 
I could see the pain in His face, 
I would never again be able to sleep 

We hoisted the cross from the ground, 
and dropped it down into place, 
I could see His pain and agony, 
but I still saw no disgrace 

Instead He looked down upon me, 
with eyes filled with tears and blood, 
He simple said Father, forgive him, 
fore it is him that I love 

There was a great price paid that day, 
for a simple fool like me, 
Jesus the Christ, the King of glory, 
came to save a sinners like me. 



It is not Christís death that we celebrate during the Easter season, it is His unmatchable love and mercy for all of our kind. He suffered the cross, just to show us how to really love, and how to really live. 

Your brother in Christ. 
joe sizemore 

****** End of Message ****** 
Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in this world will disappear, and then we will know why
loving God was our most important purpose. 
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The Passover

Lord, You stand so plainly before us,
anyone should be able to see,
Yet so many hold only to their human knowledge,
and say show me, because I donít believe

It reminds me of that terrible dark night,
so very long ago,
When the Egyptians hearts were hard like rocks,
and their love had grown ice cold

They did not seek the love of God,
they would not follow His plan,
They turn their hearts to greed and lust,
and followed after the evil man

They proudly spoke of the honorable things,
they did in the light of the mid day sun,
But their lives would change completely,
when the dreadful darkness would come

They thought God could not see,
in the darkness of their evil hearts,
They played the game of righteousness by day,
while following Satan after dark

God sent a final warning,
to this adulterous and evil race,
The Angel of Death is coming this very night,
to take your oldest sons away

They laughed and jeered at those who warned,
and said how stupid can you be,
That God of yours will not come down,
He has no power over me

There were many who called themselves faithful,
but they did not truly believe,
They went about their evil ways,
saying Godís warnings are not for me

God told them to place a crimson mark,
to show they truly believed,
So the Angel of Death would pass them by,
and continue on down the street

Many perished needlessly that dark dreadful night,
because they simply would not hear,
God tried to tell them over and over,
the Angel of Death is drawing near

The warnings of God are ringing out again today,
for those without the crimson mark,
The Angel of Death will soon reappear,
but this time the mark must be upon our hearts

He is looking for an inner mark,
which can only be put in place,
By the one and only begotten Son of God,
through His love, mercy, and endless grace

You see we sinners come into this world,
as lowly beastly things,
But it is the love of Christ our King,
which washes and makes the filthy beast clean

So when the Death Angel reappears,
which mark will he find upon our hearts,
One covered by the pure and loving blood of Christ,
or the black mark of the beastly heart.

joe sizemore


The time is late, who is truly the Lord of your life?
Look where your dreams are, and you will know where
your heart is also.

****** End of Message ******

Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.
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Death, He Is Waiting

If you have lost a loved one recently who knows Jesus as Lord, 
this poem is from them to you. 

"He Is Waiting" 

As I now pass through deaths last door, 
my prayers are still with you, 
that you too might love the Lord, 
and see Him there one day waiting for you. 

Death brings this soul no fear, 
for I see my Lord there drawing near, 
He is smiling at me as I behold His face, 
I can see Him there in His love and endless grace. 

Oh what great love, 
the Father has shown to me all these years, 
He guided me through my happiness, 
He wiped away my tears. 

So surely you can see the love in my soul can no longer stay, 
in this simple human body of clay, 
the things of this earth no longer delight, 
because  Christ Jesus has come for me tonight. 

With His love overflowing my soul from above, 
I still look back down to you my love, 
 please listen to the Lordís still small voice there in your heart, 
and He will make sure that we never part. 

Keep searching child of the Father, 
the Master will surely come and find you too, 
He will show you the way back home, 
because He truly does love you. 

It is time for me to go now, 
As my soul flies far away, 
Jesus Christ the King of Glory, 
has freed my soul this very day. 

May the Father bless the Body of Christ, those who seek His face! 
joe sizemore 

****** End of Message ****** 
Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our most important purpose. 
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Change the time

These are the times when we need to reflect on who we really are, and
how the Lord looks upon us and our modern society.  We try to put God
into our own understanding, and cannot see the foolishness of our ways.
Look around sinners, the hour is later than we think.  Listen to the
following words of Daniel, and then adjust you clocks to Daylight
Savings Time, and wonder how Daniel knew that we would even try to
change the times.  Also we must ask ourselves, whose idea was it to try
to change the times in the first place, and then  we will know who the
beast is that Daniel is referring to.

Daniel 7:25-26
(25) And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall
wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and
laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and
the dividing of time.  (26) But the judgment shall sit, and they shall
take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end.

The children of the Father will hear His voice, and they will follow
Him, no matter if no one else in the whole world goes with them.  May
the spirit of the Father overflow your souls.

Your brother in Christ.
joe sizemore
****** End of Message ******

Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.
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His Tears

Could you see His tear filled eyes looking down from the cross,
the battle for our souls was surely won,
His face was filled with agony and pain,
but His eyes said I do it for the lost.

The tears ran down His face,
like giant crystal drops,
He looked at me with an endless love,
which I knew death could not stop.

How can He still love me,
there on that painful tree,
Iíve given Him nothing,
yet He gives everything for me.

His face was wrenched with pain
as the blood dripped from His side,
but He never stopped looking at me,
through those tear filled eyes.

His tears flooded my soul,
with a light that others cannot see,
it lights my way out of the darkness,
and I can now see eternity

Almighty Father in heaven,
how can you ever forgive this sinful race,
weíve taken your wonderful Son,
and put those dreadful tears upon His face.

As I look back upon the sadness of that day,
His eyes keeps saying to me,
I have loved you from the very beginning,
and I have now set you free.

The Father saw that the human race was lost and without hope, but He
loved us more than we can imagine.  He said there are still those on
earth who can be saved, and I will reach out to them one last time.  I
will send them my very best, my most wonderful messenger to tell them
there is still hope, but if they refuse my messenger, then I will sadly
let them go.  But then the question came, who in heaven is worthy, who
in heaven with such power would willingly risk their own soul to come
down to this evil land to tell the lost about the Fatherís wonderful
offer?  When no one was found, the only begotten Son of the Father
stepped forward, and said, Father I love them too, please let me go for

So now when you look into the eyes of Christ, the only begotten Son of
the Father, remember the tears were all for you.  Donít place your
heart upon this earthly land, reach out your hand to the mighty Son of
the Father, and you will wipe away His tears.

joe sizemore

****** End of Message ******

Our purpose here on earth is to love God with all our heart, all else in
this world will disappear, and then we will know why loving God was our
most important purpose.
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